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Adventure Week 2019 Staff Registration
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Area of Service:  (please indicate main area for the week as only one may be selected.  Enter additional in comments section.
Positions in Gray have been filled and not available.
 Caretakers for Preschool Staff Children - Team Leader
 Caretakers for Preschool Staff Children - Helper (6 positions adults only please)
 4 yr olds Team Leader
 4 yr olds Helper (1 position)
 Kindergarten Team Leader
 Kindergarten Helper (2 positions)
 1st Grade Team Leader
 1st Grade Helper (2 positions)
 2nd Grade Team Leader
 2nd Grade Helper (1 position)
 3rd Grade Team Leader
 3rd Grade Helper
 4th Grade Team Leader
 4th Grade Helper
 5th Grade Team Leader
 5th Grade Helper
 6th Grade Team Leader
 6th Grade Helper 
Science Devotional Leader - 1 - "Trust" Acts 2:21
Science Devotional Leader - 2 - "Receive" Acts 3:19
Science Devotional Leader - 3 - "Understand" Acts 4:12
Science Devotional Leader - 4 - "Share" Acts 4:32
Science Devotional Leader - 5 - "Trials" Acts 5:29
--------------------------------- General Positions ------------------------------------------
Assistant Director
Adventure Week MC
Worship Team Leader
Prayer Team Leader
Prayer Team (as many as possible)
Drama Leader
Drama Team (1 Position)
Missions Leader
Volunteers Leader
Promotions (advertising) Leader
Promotions (advertising) Team (2 Positions)
Reconnection (follow-up) Leader
Reconnection (follow-up) Team (2 Positions)
Imagination Station Leader
 Imagination Station  (2 positions)
 Food Leader
 Food Helper (1 position)
Volunteer Breakroom Leader
Volunteer Breakroom Helper
 Recreation Leader
 Recreation Helper  (3 positions)
 Craft Director
 Craft Assistant Director
 Craft Helper  (4 positions)
Sound Booth Leader
 Sound Booth Assistant  (1 position)
 Staff Devotions
 Registration Assistant (during event - 1 positions) 
T-Shirt and CD sales helper (2 Position) - may require pre-event activities such as Sunday mornings.
 Decorating (Saturday June 8th 1-4 p.m.)  - 8 Positions
 Set Up Team (Sunday June 9th immediately following services) LUNCH SERVED - 30 Positions
 Tear Down Team (Friday June 14th afternoon) - LUNCH SERVED - 30 Positions
 Church setup (Saturday June 15th 10:00-Noon) - 25 Positions
-------------------------------- Awakening ----------------------------------------------------
 Junior High Assistant  
 Drivers for Junior High Events    
(This position requires a background check. You must contact Michael Benallo to complete this process.)
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Emergency Phone*: 
Are you allergic to anything*?
Tshirt* -    $6 Pay via pushpay ( - Give option) or in person when picking up.
Music CD*    $5 each
Additional Comments:
Photos and video are taken during Adventure Week to celebrate the event in weekend services, to place on our website to promote children's ministries or in print media to promote First Christian Church in the community.  Registration implies your consent to having images of you potentially used for these purposes.